All Your College Event
At One Place

Avent — A new event organizer


Project Process

Research > Alternative Design > Prototyping

My role

Time constraint : 1 week


Naturalistic observation > Focus group > survey

What is the current way students
enroll in a college event?

The current method of enrolling in a
college event is not efficient. Why?

Focus group


After conducting some interviews and analyzing survey data here are my findings

  1. Students find it hard to find and keeping track of all the events in a college
  2. Not knowing if the event is good
  3. Students also prefer going in with someone
  4. Students often forget to attend the event
  5. Paying in cash is hectic for students



  1. To solve this problem app will have an event rating system so students can like the events they are interested in or if they trust the organizer to conduct a nice event
  2. The idea being that lot of human decision is influence by others so if my friend enrolled in an event I might too. Since the app collects the Enrollment no. it shows all your classmate who enrolled in that event
  3. Students don’t remember to attend the event so the app also acts as a reminder for them and notify them about the event
  4. App has integrated mobile payment system so the user can directly pay to enroll in an event

User flow

Initial wireframe

Due to limited time I wasn’t able to complete the final step that is testing, I’m constantly working on and soon I’ll be updating this post

High-fidelity prototype



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Ashutosh Navkar

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